Emergency Preparedness: Pet Food & More

For those of us in Connecticut, we were recently walloped with a tropical storm. This left many of us without power for several days. This brings up the topic of Emergency preparedness for pet food, supplies and more. So how can you make sure you’re covered if we were to have another power outage? We’ll

CBD & Hemp: What is CBD & how does it work?

History & Today The use of cannabis goes back through civilization as one of humanity’s oldest crops, with records of use dating as far back as 6,000 years ago.1 Even then, claims of benefit from cannabis included constipation, gout, rheumatism, and absent-mindedness.2 For canines & felines, numerous potential therapeutic uses of cannabis have surfaced over the last decade.

‘Air-Dried’ Pet Food & Jerky: Innovation or Risky Trend?

Jerky and jerky type treats have been in the pet food market for many years. These typically involve the flesh of various proteins and are in a strip or tender format. Since 2007, these treats have been associated with thousands of pet illnesses and deaths. Cases are still being reported currently and stories regularly circulate in media warning

Revealed: How to switch your cat’s food successfully

Switching your cat’s food can be stressful for you and your cat. Before you start there are a few important things to consider. First, set realistic expectations. Cats typically do not transition as easily as dogs and likely will be skeptical of any new food. Instead, be prepared to spend a month or more introducing

Is Your Pet’s Healthy Food Being Served in a Toxic Bowl?

Pet Parents are spending a great deal of time and money to ensure they are serving the healthiest foods to their pets.  However, when it comes time to selecting a bowl or feeder, most Pet Parents report that they choose the cheapest bowl or one that matches the décor of their home.  However, did you

5 Questions Pet Owners Can Ask to Improve Pet Food

Hint: It’s not what you think What if I told you that it’s highly likely that the pet food you are feeding your cat or dog has never been tested to ensure it is nutritionally adequate? Or, maybe it’s been tested, but your pet food company claims the results are ‘proprietary’. What if I told

Proper Pet Food storage

How to Safely Store Dry Food

We’ve all heard it before—Keep your pet food in the original bag, do not dump the food into a plastic container. But why? Proper storage of pet food is essential in maintaining freshness and keeping your pet healthy. Pet food storage containers are typically not airtight. Therefore, these containers allow unwanted air and moisture to

Hemp & CBD: What is actually in your pet’s “natural” CBD product?

In part II we discussed phytoremediation, and why this is one of the largest hidden risks for those who give CBD to their pets or consume it themselves. To review, cannabis absorbs heavy metals, and many of the agricultural chemicals in the soil such as pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. If a company does not have

CBD & Hemp: Legal or Illegal?

In Part I of our CBD Education Series we discussed the history of cannabis, which dates back over 6,000 years! We know that hemp and marijuana are both types of cannabis and that THC and CBD are just two types of cannabinoids out of over 400 that exist within cannabis. Even though we’re waiting for

CBD & Hemp: Hemp, CBD (and other) Safety Considerations

In part I and part II we discussed the history of CBD, how it works, and the legality behind CBD for pets & people. While this can all seem a little overwhelming, especially considering the wide availability of CBD – the main take away is that it is important to be safe when choosing any