Sure, they’ll dive into lakes, rivers and oceans to fetch a stick. But a bath? Not so much enthusiasm for many dogs.

NorthPoint Pets makes canine bath time relaxing (for them) and easy and tidy (for you). We offer a variety of bath solutions to meet the needs of you and your favorite and — let’s face it — sometimes filthy dog.

Our dog wash features two spacious, private and enclosed wash bays, which are optimal settings for dogs who need to be separated from others.

Both stations include raised tubs, temperature-controlled water and high-powered grooming dryers.


  • Tier 1: $10: Wash only (bring your own towel/shampoo)
  • Tier 2: $14: Includes wash, shampoo and towel
  • Tier 3: $17: Includes wash, shampoo, towel and dryer

Add ons:

  • Brush: $3
  • Furminator: $4
  • Emu oil spray: $3
  • Towel: $4
  • Dryer: $4

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